It's Just Vanity

Album: Here's What You Remember From A Coma (2010)

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Song: I'm Frozen, You're Dead. And I Love You.

Bitrate: 128kbps

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By way of Chicago and New Jersey, but calling Chapel Hill home, It's Just Vanity draw on the indie rock influence the town has become so famous for, while keeping the basement scene work ethic they grew up with. Their first EP "The Strangers" helped the band recognize their sound -- half old school emo, half instrumental post rock -- and get their name out through a free download, promoted on east coast tours to message boards in Sweden, Japan and the United Kingdom. Their debut LP, Here's What You Remember From A Coma, combines the intricacy of math rock, with the heavy, epic tones of post rock and throws in memorable choruses to let audiences remember that indie music isn't boring.